What is an architectural design?

The integrated architectural design by Innovo Constructions is the key to success for a successful construction of a property (whether professional or residential). The correct and complete architectural design of each technical project is necessary for the accuracy, speed and quality of its implementation. Comprehensiveness, proper planning and precision is a priority for the workforce, so that the execution of any project runs smoothly, fast and in line with current market trends.
The specialist, by contacting and examining the property, understands its needs, prevents mistakes, avoids imperfections, aims at a harmonious and balanced aesthetics and functionality. The stages of an architectural design are quite numerous and depend on the type of business and the extent of intervention in the existing state of the space. The following are summarized as follows:

  • Preliminary architectural design on the suitability of the property
    Measurement and photo capture of the property
  • Design proposal – ergonomics, layout, according to the needs of the employer’s business
  • Photorealism and material sampling – Identity, style, coloring, decoration, material selection, composition and equipment are defined. Exact imaging contributes to the complete realization of the final construction proposal to minimize the errors and to give correct costing of the project.
  • Lighting design – Appropriate lighting is a combination of three factors: the adequacy of lighting, aesthetics and economy. The aim is visual comfort and the appearance of the forms in a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.
    Merchandising (commercial architecture) – proper product promotion in retail outlets
  • Final costing and schedule – detailed work budget and completion time of the project.
  • When planning, the creative team pays great attention to the full understanding of the needs and the requirements of the entrepreneur. Effective communication helps us to capture their true expectations, to shape their needs, and then to achieve the ideal solution that harmonises aesthetics with functionality.

How important is it?

Final image design through two-dimensional and photorealistic designs gives value to decorating, renovating or rebuilding a space. The layout of furniture and equipment ensures the functionality and the perfect exploitation of every square meter. The full understanding of the proposal by the investor allows design adjustments before the project commences, avoiding waste of time and money. This enables him / her to actively participate in decisions and improve the proposal until the implementation solution is finalized.
An initiative for a renovation without an architectural design leads to an investment of dubious effect and financially uncontrollable amount. The company directs the investor to plan the required tasks and estimates the amount of money that will eventually need to be allocated. Responsible and professional opinion, architectural design and supervision of specialists protect against mistaken decisions and unnecessary actions.
The employer having a comprehensive architectural design in his hands can choose the size of the interventions he wants to be done immediately, leaving some others for the future either due to financial difficulties or lack of time. Since all work is done according to the architectural design, whatever he/she chooses, he/she is sure of the result of his investment.
The architectural design ensures the employer’s efficient investment by realizing his vision. Saving time and money, the final design solution regulates all parameters, aesthetic, functional, commercial. With regard to business premises and retail outlets, merchandising techniques are implemented during design, construction and by the end of the project. Product highlighting leads to increased sales and attraction of new customers.
To summarize, the assignment of an architectural design by Innovo Constructions is a tactical action for the employer who can only profit from it. The company’s long experience and continuous technical training are a guarantee for a comprehensive architectural design which, in its application, results in a worthy result of expectations. In this way the diversity of the property is ensured by creating an original identity that expresses the employer. Personalizing original ideas to create unique solutions that highlight the form and use of the property dynamically introduce the space into today’s increased competition.